Gene ID Conversion Tool

Genomic and gene expression data is integral to biomolecular data analysis. The types of identifiers used for genes differ across different resources providing such data sets. The ability to use a single type of gene identifier is imperative for integrating data from two or more resources. This gene ID conversion tool facilitates the use of a common gene identifier. A tutorial provides an overview and the steps of how to use this tool.

Select Database: Selecting "Recent NCBI gene_info" option (which uses precomputed tables integrating recent NCBI gene_info and R Bioconductor package org_Xy_eg_db) results in faster results. Coverage may not be complete with either database.

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If the list contains more than 10,000 genes, connection may time-out depending upon the server load. In such a case, consider submitting more than one list in separate sessions, and combine the results outside this tool.

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